Auto Accidents and Collisions

Each day, hundreds of car collisions take place throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Many of these accidents are minor altercations, but you may suffer from physical injuries as a result of the accident. Hundley & Johnson, P.C. handled a variety of car accident cases, ranging from fender benders, minor physical injuries, severe crashes, serious bodily injuries, and even crashes resulting in death. Even a minor accident can have serious consequences in the future that are not noticeable at first, such as back and neck pain that surface days after the collision. Since there are statutes of limitations that require you to file for damages within a certain period of time, you should seek legal consultation immediately, regardless of how minor or major the accident is. Of course, major car accidents pose a more serious problem and can lead to a wide range of economical and physical problems that the average person isn’t equipped to handle. Mounting medical bills, lost wages, emotional stress, and disabilities can all stem from a severe car accident. The attorneys and Hundley & Johnson, P.C. handle over 250 auto cases per year ranging from minor to catastrophic injuries.

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