Trucking Accidents

Today, more and more commercial vehicles are on the road sharing the road with passenger vehicles. Collisions between a large commercial vehicle and a small passenger vehicle frequently cause serious injuries and/or fatalities. Trucking accidents deal with personal injury and wrongful death litigation resulting from accidents with commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers, buses, dump trucks and similar vehicles. The operation of many of these types of vehicles is governed by Federal Regulations and Special Rules. The lawyers at Hundley & Johnson, P.C. have attended special seminars dealing with these special sets of rules.
The longer a person waits to contact an attorney following a commercial truck accident, the more difficult it is to preserve the evidence necessary to present a successful case. The government requires truck drivers and companies to retain crucial documents, such as a driver’s log book, for a limited period of time. If these documents are lost, it may be impossible to prove negligence. The attorneys at Hundley & Johnson, P.C. will immediately obtain and preserve copies of any documents that may serve as important evidence during a trial.
Injured victims will also have to deal with the trucking company’s insurance adjusters. Because of the catastrophic damage and injuries usually associated with commercial truck-passenger vehicle collisions, insurance companies typically fight them as hard as they can. From the moment that the accident is reported, insurance adjusters will be working to limit the truck company and driver’s liability.

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